What are the functions of the cabinet?


Chassis cabinets is different from the cabinet of safes, filing cabinets, such as pure, chassis cabinets in addition must have deposited as cabinet must have some function, but also have good ventilation, more important is placed chassis cabinets due to equipment, so there are functional requirements.

1. First, the requirements of power supply.

The cabinet of the cabinet should be used for the installation of computer equipment, etc., and these devices need to be used for electricity, so the machine cabinet is required to have power supply, and the cabinet must be equipped with power supply.

2. The second is the requirement of shielding electromagnetic interference.

Many devices run together, will produce certain electromagnetic wave, many electromagnetic waves together will form the electromagnetic interference, in order to ensure good operation effect, we puts forward the requirements of electromagnetic interference shielding on chassis cabinets.

3. Finally, the cabinet must be arranged in an orderly manner, and the internal equipment and cable handling should be clear and orderly, so that the equipment can be planned and maintained again.

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Post time: Apr-28-2018
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