• Post time: Apr-28-2018

    Chassis cabinets is different from the cabinet of safes, filing cabinets, such as pure, chassis cabinets in addition must have deposited as cabinet must have some function, but also have good ventilation, more important is placed chassis cabinets due to equipment, so there are functional require...Read more »

  • Network cabinet
    Post time: Jan-17-2018

      Network cabinet, which is used to combine the mounting panel, the plug-in, the plug-in box, the electronic component, the device and the mechanical parts and components, so as to make the installation box. According to the current type, server cabinet, wall cabinet, network cabinet, standard ca...Read more »

  • Cabinet finishing
    Post time: Jan-17-2018

    1 preparatory First of all, to inform the user in the case of the user does not affect the normal operation of the case of the cabinet. Then according to the network topology structure, the existing equipment, the number of users, users and other factors to outline a variety of factors, such as...Read more »

  • Quality requirements
    Post time: Jan-17-2018

    Network cabinet should have good technical performance. The structure of the cabinet should be based on the electrical, mechanical properties and the use of the environment, to ensure that the structure of the cabinet has good rigidity and strength, and good electromagnetic isolation, grounding, ...Read more »

  • Display requirements
    Post time: Jan-17-2018

      In twenty-first Century, information technology has become the mainstream form. After all, there is no information on the social development of the present. In fact, the information of various countries is far from the best requirements, or need to be modified to complete. While the general com...Read more »

  • The safety and stability of the cabinet to bring what kind of change
    Post time: Jan-17-2018

      With the development and improvement of the technology of the cabinet, the cabinet is widely used in various fields. According to the different performance of the equipment, the cabinet cabinet is gradually moving in the direction of specialization.      To determine whether the quality chassi...Read more »

  • What are the three major factors that affect the service life of the hydraulic system?
    Post time: Jan-17-2018

      All of the products have the use of life, will have the production, use, the end of the three steps. For the hydraulic system, if the use of a long time in the use of a long time, so it is time to change. Replacement is only a common cause of hydraulic pump, in fact, the impact of the hydraulic...Read more »

  • How to prevent plastic injection mold rust
    Post time: Jan-17-2018

     A lot of material with variable length of time will appear rust situation. And this rust in our metal material is the most of the situation. For our production will be used in the mold will also occur this problem. And for this problem, we need to deal with, and know why there is a reason why th...Read more »

  • China Changzhou advanced manufacturing technology achievements
    Post time: Jan-17-2018

      Seventh China Changzhou advanced manufacturing technology achievements exhibition fair       May 18, 2012 morning, the seventh China Changzhou advanced manufacturing technology achievements exhibition fair in Changzhou science and Technology City kicked off. Changzhou city mayor Yao Xiaodong p...Read more »

  • he 2015 survey report on the impact of industry and Internet developing future market investment
    Post time: Jan-17-2018

      In the information age, Internet technology has penetrated into all aspects of people’s lives, changing people’s consumption habits and behavior patterns. The Internet is also profoundly affecting and changing all walks of life. Following the apparel, 3C digital, home appliance chai...Read more »

  • Some tips on buying a network cabinet
    Post time: Jan-17-2018

      In a sense, the network cabinet is like the DIY installed in the chassis, cabinets and chassis can be said to be roughly the same, we are in the purchase of network chassis which skills? The Wuhan cabinet manufacturers JF communications with details.      First, the network cabinet to consider...Read more »

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