The safety and stability of the cabinet to bring what kind of change

  With the development and improvement of the technology of the cabinet, the cabinet is widely used in various fields. According to the different performance of the equipment, the cabinet cabinet is gradually moving in the direction of specialization.
     To determine whether the quality chassis to see the configuration, configuration is, of course, file quality chassis. The design and processing of the power cabinet is more complex, it is necessary to use some of the metal in the form of a sheet of metal or a tool to make it deformed, designed to be the shape and size of the customer needs. In this process, the need to process the parts by welding and other means to meet the design requirements.
In the inspection of the power cabinet, the key equipment to the power cabinet, which can reduce the number of switches. Depending on the device length, width, and the height of the electric cabinet. Of course, can not only consider the height of the power cabinet cabinet, but also to see the back of the power chassis cabinet is not a great place to use. If the choice is a deep power cabinet, the two sets of equipment are back to back inside, so you can install more equipment.

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Post time: Jan-17-2018
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