How to prevent plastic injection mold rust

 A lot of material with variable length of time will appear rust situation. And this rust in our metal material is the most of the situation. For our production will be used in the mold will also occur this problem. And for this problem, we need to deal with, and know why there is a reason why the injection mold rust.
(1) the object is divided into the design of the die.
(2) the resurgence of injection mold.
(3) we are in the design and production of the time, such as sweat, sweat, etc..
     These are the common ways of injection molds. So we want to achieve the best effect then only needs to be on the surface of injection mould chrome processing. When the injection mold cooling to the resurgence of the following points, for moisture in further processing. Finally, when we work, we must wear overalls, work gloves, and let the work of the environment to ensure constant temperature, not too hot nor too cold. This injection mold in the production of the time will not appear rusty problems, so that the accuracy of the product more accurate.

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Post time: Jan-17-2018
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