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  In twenty-first Century, information technology has become the mainstream form. After all, there is no information on the social development of the present. In fact, the information of various countries is far from the best requirements, or need to be modified to complete. While the general computer to pay attention to the speed, and the speed will be linked to the server. General server is placed in the engine room cabinet, and for the cabinet in the time to put the need?
(1) the use of hot and cold method to set up the cabinet, the two channel port for the arrangement of the cabinet, so that the air inlet side of the setting, so that the server can be maintained at a constant temperature of 24 hours in the state.
(2) for the cabinet inside the bridge. There are some gaps where is need to seal up, so that we can ensure safety cabinet is better.
(3) for the cabinet flaunt without the use of space is sealed, this approach is cold quantity to reduce and avoid the server when the short circuit occurs.
(4) to put on the floor above the cabinet needs a reasonable layout, so that every space can be used to use, the remaining to seal off.
(5) because there are a lot of room to run the engine room, and the heat of the emissions need to adjust the air conditioning in all aspects, so that heat can also have a.
(6) under the floor of the overhead bridge frame also as far as possible on the wall layout, such cabinet can’t down there and improve the safety of a hand.
       So the above several aspects is the cabinet in the time to face the problem, after all, the cabinet is closely linked to the server, if not handled this problem, the server running time to bring the impact, the speed will slow down, so whether it is in the Internet, or play games to bring trouble. This is the speed of the network is not up to one aspect, believe that now the cabinet is certainly in accordance with the requirements to put the, will not affect the user.

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Post time: Jan-17-2018
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