What are the three major factors that affect the service life of the hydraulic system?

  All of the products have the use of life, will have the production, use, the end of the three steps. For the hydraulic system, if the use of a long time in the use of a long time, so it is time to change. Replacement is only a common cause of hydraulic pump, in fact, the impact of the hydraulic system is still a lot of factors, the following will give you a brief introduction of several other factors.
(1) the choice of the shaft.
For this factor, the general is in the selection, installation of the time to consider. Because the hydraulic pump to work when the need to bear the force, and the use of the coupling will appear deviation, in the increase in the speed of the time to allow the deformation. Finally, the service life is shortened.
(2) the use of the storage tank.
Because the fuel tank is stored in the oil, it is the main source of energy to start the operation of the hydraulic pump, due to the heat of the problem, the general structure of the above work, such as the use of, under the side of the installation. But this is to have a request, do not install. The problem in this installation is the main reason for the shorter service life.
(3) heat exchanger.
 At work, the pump will run up and down the pressure, at run time, the temperature will rise, if not deal with the heat dissipation problem, then the damage will be great. For example, inside the oil film will be damaged, which the poor lubrication, so that the service life will be shortened.
These three aspects have become the hydraulic pump in the work time why use such a short reason. To solve these problems, the hydraulic pump must be used for a long time, so that the work becomes more smoothly.

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Post time: Jan-17-2018
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