Some tips on buying a network cabinet

  In a sense, the network cabinet is like the DIY installed in the chassis, cabinets and chassis can be said to be roughly the same, we are in the purchase of network chassis which skills? The Wuhan cabinet manufacturers JF communications with details.
     First, the network cabinet to consider the stability of the cabinet structure, as well as the problem of heat dissipation, as well as the problem of anti radiation cabinet. Now the network cabinet manufacturers are more and more brands, the quality of the product is uneven, want to buy a good quality and reasonable price products, it needs to be from all aspects of reference.
     Secondly, for the installation of a good network cabinet must be a good lock, and the lock can lock the front and rear doors, to avoid man-made damage or theft. The cabinet on both sides of the side plate and can be removed. Relatively simple to remove, simply press the handle can be removed, so it is convenient to carry out the arrangement of the cable and wire frame.
     Finally, the network of the middle of the cabinet and a piece of laminates, mainly some relatively small devices can be placed on top of the cabinet, there are some square holes, which is the main function of which is the router, as well as fixed some large home fight back, in order to fix the position of the electric source. At the time of the do not want to be from the charge of the following, and then through the coordination of multi wire rack equipment, can be a mess of network cable. For the sake of the movement of the machine, the pulley is arranged at the bottom of the cabinet, so it is convenient to transport the machine, while the fixed cabinet can be fixed with the fixed foot.

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Post time: Jan-17-2018
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