Network cabinet

  Network cabinet, which is used to combine the mounting panel, the plug-in, the plug-in box, the electronic component, the device and the mechanical parts and components, so as to make the installation box. According to the current type, server cabinet, wall cabinet, network cabinet, standard cabinet, intelligent door type outdoor cabinet and so on. Capacity values are between 42U and 2U.
Simple structure, convenient operation, exquisite workmanship, precise size, economical and practical;
– international popular white tempered glass front door;
The upper frame with circular ventilation holes;
At the same time, install the wheel and supporting feet;
And can be disassembled conveniently around the door and the rear door;
– complete optional accessories.
The network cabinet is composed of frame and cover (door), which generally has a rectangular shape, and is placed on the floor. It provides suitable environment and security for the normal operation of electronic equipment. This is only after system level assembly. The cabinet that does not have a closed structure is called a frame.
    Production development
Early network cabinet mostly by casting or angle through the screw, rivet connected or welded into the frame of the cabinet, and is made of thin steel plate cover (door) and. This kind of cabinet is big, bulky, simple, has been eliminated. With the use of transistors, integrated circuits and various components, devices of the ultra compact, the structure of the cabinet is also small, building blocks of the direction of development. The network cabinet has been developed into a series of plug and socket with a certain size. Insert box, plug-in assembly arrangement of horizontal and vertical arrangement of two categories. The network cabinet material generally uses the thin steel plate, each kind of section shape steel section, the aluminum profile and various engineering plastics, etc.. In

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