Cabinet finishing

1 preparatory
First of all, to inform the user in the case of the user does not affect the normal operation of the case of the cabinet.
Then according to the network topology structure, the existing equipment, the number of users, users and other factors to outline a variety of factors, such as the outline of the line to take the line and the location of the device.
The next ready materials needed: network jumper, label paper, various types of plastic ribbon (strangled dog).
2 finishing cabinet
Installation cabinet:
Yourself to do the following three things: first, using random frame with screws and nuts will tighten the fixed frame; the second, cabinets toppled, the activities of the wheels and the placement of; the third, according to the location of the equipment in the fixed frame adjustment and adding a baffle.
Finishing line:
The number of lines in the network is usually less than or equal to the number of frames. Together all the power cord of the device is tied together, and the plug is inserted from the back of the through hole, and the device is sought by a separate line.
Fixed equipment:
Will baffle adjustment cabinet to the appropriate location, so that administrators can not boot door will be able to see all the equipment operation, at the same time, according to the number and size of the equipment properly add baffle. Notice to leave a gap between the baffle. All of the equipment used in the exchange, routing equipment in accordance with the good picture in advance.
Line labeling:
All cables are connected, the need of the cable are identified, will be ready for instant paste wrapped to the cable and pen in the be marked (generally indicate room number or for what purpose), identifies requirements would be simple and easy to understand. The cross line can be distinguished by using different colors of instant paste and general cable. If too many devices, the device should be classified as a number, and the device labeling.
3 post work
Combined test:
After the confirmation of correct, connected to the power supply, network Unicom testing, to ensure the normal operation of the user – this is the most important.

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